Monthly Archives: July 2015

Should your boss be tweeting more…or not at all?

The risk of contracting foot-in-mouth disease seems just too high for many.


But Robert Glaesener, boss of Twitter analytics firm Talkwalker, believes the fact that most of them are aged 50-to-60 has more to do with it - they're simply too old to understand social media fully, he says. Even tweeting extrovert Sir Richard Branson, who...
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Google offers free internet under Obama plan

Google and other companies will offer free or low-cost internet to more than 275,000 low-income households as part of US president Barack Obama’s effort to expand broadband, the White House said.
The programme, called ConnectHome, is designed to bridge the so-called digital divide between poorer residents in cities and...
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Google Edges Closer to Spam-Free Gmail Experience

Google is edging even closer to a spam-free Gmail experience with the addition of new tools to help the existing spam filters weed out unwanted emails.
Google has nearly eradicated the problem already with less than 0.1 percent of email in the average Gmail inbox being spam, according to...
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