Monthly Archives: April 2016

Understanding our love of visual content

We are experiencing an omnipresent visual domination lately and it’s not expected to change any time soon. So what makes us love visual content? Whether it’s an image, or a video, people prefer consuming information in a visual form, as it’s more appealing, which leads to an increased engagement. Human beings are naturally drawn to visual content...
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Alphabet planning to build high-tech digital district

Since Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google Inc) launched Sidewalk Labs last year, everyone has been wondering what exactly this “lab” does. Aside from a general description on the website stating it was “building a platform and a set of urban applications to accelerate innovation in cities”, there...

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Apple warns of a new phishing scam

Apple is warning customers of a new phishing scam targeting iOS device owners.
Some Apple product owners have reported receiving an e-mail telling them that their Apple ID has expired. It then provides them with a link to confirm their Apple ID.
Naturally, those who receive the message...
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